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So you want to be hung like a pornstar?

Keep reading to find out what system I used to grow my penis to epic proportions of awesomness.

Who am I? - December 10, 2017

Hey guys, I’m Andy and welcome to my blog. At the moment, I’m living in a Florida beach house sipping on an ice cold drink as I type along. I’ve created this site in order to demonstrate how much my life has changed over the past few months.

Let’s adress the elephant in the room: I have a huge cock. In fact, I’m a male pornstar and there’s a good chance you came from a tube site featuring one of my videos. People always ask me how I managed to grow my cock to such gigantic proportions. The answer is : science.

I wasn’t always well endowed. You see, I was always the type of guy that didn’t want to shower at the gym and had a tough time being confident with the size of my member when I got in bed with a chick.

One day my buddy told me about an article he read about products that can make your dick grow bigger. You can bet I was googling in no time trying to find what he was talking about.

How my life changed

I came across an adult industry forum that talked about how male pornstars managed to shoot unrealistically huge loads and manage to keep it up for the longest times. Most people said it was all about eating lots of eggs or whatnot. I tried it. It doesn’t work.

Some guy mentioned a supplement he used for shoots that gave him the ability to shoot massive loads and keep it hard all day long so he could fuck several girls a day without going limp.

I sent him a private message and hounded him for days until he caved and gave me the name of the product he used. I ordered the supplement that very same day and had it in my hands a few days later.

The Product :

Let’s be honest. If your job is to fuck all day long you need something to keep you going. However, who wants to pump dirty chemicals into their body? That’s why I picked 2 products that are 100% natural and guaranteed to get you lasting longer and shooting bigger loads.

GrowXl Pill bottle

Vimax Pills : Increase your size and stamina

Made from herbs traditionally used for thousands of years by people from all around the world. Where do you think Black men got their natural girth? Genetics? Nah! Ingredients contained in these pills are a usual part of their natural diet. Discovered by some of the top male performers, Vimax has become a staple in any dick growing diet.

GrowXl Pill bottle

Vimax Extender : Straighten and extend your cock

Forget those silly stretching exercises you found online. Use the industry renowned Vimax Extender to straighten curved cocks and naturally elongate them. A small adaptive force will continuously stimulate your penile tissues to stretch out and reconstruct themselves. Eventually, your cock will permanently grow to fit the new size you chose. Its like working out to grow your muscles, only this time, you don’t need to spend any time at the gym AND you’re only growing your dick.


The Results

I think the main thing I got out of all this was confidence. Knowing that I practically have sexual superpowers gives me the edge to pick up almost any girl I want. Why? Because I know she’ll be amazed by my extreme stamina, huge cock and extreme loads.

I’ve also started acting in porn films which is great! I get paid to do what I do best with some of the world’s most beautiful women! The sex is great, the money is great and now my life is almost perfect.

Should you do it?

Well, if like being a regular Joe, don’t do a thing. But if you’re willing to try something new and change your life around, give my solution a try.

So there you have it. The secret to becoming a porn star is with Vimax Pills and the Vimax Extender. Forget jelking or penis pumps, this is the natural, proven way to completely revolutionize your life and give you confidence where you least expected it.

If you’d like to try Vimax Pills or the Vimax Extender, simply use the following link and you’ll receive the exact same product that worked for me.


Get Vimax Pills, Increase your Size and Stamina. This nice supplement has herbs from all over the world thats been used for thousands of years. Why do you think certain black cultures have a average of 10 inches plus and have maintain the stamina of a 18year old for life? Vimax Has all the good stuff in one pill and is been frequently used by top male performers!


Use the Vimax Extender - the same tool male pornstars have been using for a while! They don't like to share their secret tools because they wanna stay famous for their massive cocks. We all know a few pornstars with huge dongs... Guess what they're using!?! Vimax Extender!

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Got something to ask? Go ahead!
By Ben :
Posted On: 20-11-2017
Hey guys, if you've got any questions or want to share anything, feel free to post here.
By Livin_it_up :
Posted On: 27-11-2017
How long did it take too get your stuff in the post?
By Ben :
Posted On: 01-12-2017
Hey Livin. To be honest, I can’t give you the exact times it took to get Vimax / Vimax Extender, although I’m sure Vimax came within 6 days and the extender took about 9? Hope that helps.
By Livin_it_up :
Posted On: 01-12-2017
Yeah no worries put my order in just before I posted lol I want to get hung soon!!!
By Bear :
Posted On: 04-12-2017
nice post good read thx will take a look at it
By DUDE90 :
Posted On: 09-12-2017
Hello Ben, I just finished reading your post. Can you tell me how much Cock Growth you got with Vimax Extender please?
By Ben :
Posted On: 09-12-2017
All in all, just over two inches.
By DUDE90 :
Posted On: 11-12-2017
Not a bad result might have to try it myself, could do with an extra couple of cms(though who couldnt)
By Katy :
Posted On: 14-12-2017
um… this is the sorta stuff my boyfriend needs :P
By Andrew :
Posted On: 15-12-2017
I've been on these pills for a few weeks now. I've had half an inch of gain and my John Thomas feels a lot more solid. Anyway, pics:

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